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CampTrails was founded at Phoenix, Arizona in 1946 by Jack C. Abert, an experienced outdoorsman with a flair for innovation.  He reasoned a pack could be constructed which—by its lightweight and comfort—could transform backpacking from an archaic, grueling tote system into a pleasant, outdoor family experience.

Forced by an absence of proper forming equipment to build his own, Abert's first product was an outdoor pack of featherweight fabric on an extruded aluminum frame. The design won quick acceptance by campers for comfort and durability—and the new company was on its way.

The principle underscoring CampTrails' growth has been an adherence to the founders' belief in a continuing product evaluation, not only in the factory and in the store, but in the field—or more precisely—on the mountain. CampTrails packs have gone on hundreds of expeditions, including those Everest expeditions to place the first American on top in 1963, the first Canadian in 1982, the first Canadian woman in 1986 and the first American woman in 1988. In addition to consumer research, CampTrails continually tests its products with recreational and professional users. Refinements are often made upon expert mountaineer's recommendations - and another generation of CampTrails equipment soon follows.

A new chapter in CampTrails history was written with its 1973 acquisition by Johnson Wax. In 1980, with the consolidation of CampTrails into Johnson Camping, Inc., headquarters for the brand was moved to Binghamton, NY. In 1987, Sam Johnson, then CEO of Johnson Wax and the spirit behind the original purchase, separated the Johnson Wax Associate companies from Johnson Wax, forming Johnson Outdoors Inc., a publicly held company.
Today, CampTrails new products are developed and distributed by Nigor Net in Amsterdam. Our commitment for CampTrails is the development and distribution of outdoor products at an affordable price level and quality to withstand the climatic and topographic challenges in Europe.
Value is an important consideration when choosing outdoor equipment. So instead of loading up our gear with features you really don’t need, we focus on clever design and quality workmanship. In the end, you get a product that gives you maximum enjoyment for a price that’s easy on your budget.
We value your input as we are always looking for new ideas, new products, or simply experiences you may want to share.